How the PROGRAM WORKS! This is absolutely something you can do!

 Verve for your fundraising event

  • Substitute/Supplement Pizza, Cookies, Candy with Nutrition
  • Larger Profit Margins AND Residual Income
  • Acceptance of Major Credit Cards
  • Free website with a minimum order of $65 per month
  • Most Nutritional All Natural Drink Available
  • Tastes Great And Is Insanely Healthy
  • Do The Work Once and Get Paid All Year

Verve! Is already the Energy Drink of the following organizations:

  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Sun’s Basketball Team 
  • Phoenix Mercury  
  • Phoenix Coyotes! 

Verve! has been approved by the World Anti-Doping Association, the group that tests Olympic athletes for performance enhancing drugs. 

Verve! Also is approved by the NSF, the National Science Foundation and is the only energy product on their approved list.  

It is the only Super Juice supplement to be included in the PDR – Physicians Desk Reference!

***How the program works***
Sell 4 Packs of the Insanely Healthy Energy Drink Verve!
Your team/organization can also presale 4 packs of Verve! And each customer that purchases a 4 pack will receive your website so they can purchase again and again.     
***Average return on investment***

***How to get residual income***

1.1.Customer wants to reorder more verve/vemma
2.2.Your customer click on your free, website 
3.3.Order a Case of Verve
4.4.Your groups gets  $5 for every order online
5. Customers can get on an auto-ship order every month giving you $5 - $10 per month from each order!

approved list.  It is the only Super Juice supplement to be included in the PDR – Physicians Desk Reference!!